Tioman Island

Tioman island is situated at about 56km off the coast of Pahang, Malaysia, one of the island paradise in the South China Sea. The journey takes about one and half hour by ferry from Tanjung Gemok in Pahang or two hours from Mersing in Johor. This island is famous with its legendary myth about appearance of a dragon. Tioman Island is said to be one of the best dive sites in Malaysia, suitable for divers from the range of beginner to the experienced.

Tioman Island is split into multiple villages and one of the biggest village is Genting where Island Message Dive Centre is located. The village is surrounded by untouched nature where you will find rainforest and hills behind the village and crystal clear water at the front view. There are many chalets, restaurants, souvenir shops and clinic can be found in this village. People in the village are friendly and peaceful. Beside scuba diving and various water activities such as Snorkeling and Kayaking can be done here, You can also enjoy jungle trekking, cycling (rental available) in the village.


By Air: KL (Subang Airport) / Singapore (by Berjaya Air) → Tekek Airport @Tioman Island (by Sea Taxi) → Kg. Genting
ByCar/Bus/Taxi: KL (by Seremban Highway) / Johor /Singapore → Mersing/Tg.Gemuk (by ferry) → Kg.Genting @Tioman Island